SETIconII journal page 3 – San Francisco Day 2 / SETIconII diario de viaje día 3 – San Francisco día 2


Here I share with you my 2nd day in San Francisco before my attendance to SETIconII in Santa Clara.

This day my goal was to go to the California Academy of Sciences!


San Francisco Day 2

June 19, 2012

I slept very well and woke up at 6 am local time (8 am my time) I used my new mica make up (which stayed well set most of the day) and went to an ATM to get some cash, had breakfast at the restaurant on the corner (Pinecrest – I had a big breakfast! mushroom omelette, hash brown potatoes, coffee and whole grain bread with butter -it kept me full until the afternoon-) and headed to the bus station on my way to CAS; I got down the bus some blocks before 6th street (the one that leads more directly to the Golden Gate Park) and walked several blocks (enjoying the view of several nice houses) until I arrived finally to the CAS.

I bough my ticked and went in. My 1st stop was the aquarium… I can not describe how beautiful was to watch so many species from so unique angles; I know it is silly but I felt like I was immersed in a special ocean, almost touching those wonderful plants and animals that it made me cry! (cont.)


(…) I took some pics, a nice lady with her daughter took a pic of me at the aquarium and her daughter loved my orange Catonaut, she hugged it a little bit and gave it back to me, her smile was beautiful.

I was able to touch some starfish and a spiky thing (I need to look up for the name of that).

After the aquarium I went to see the animal Africa exhibit and to the Earthquake simulator. They simulated two San Francisco  earthquakes of 1987 and 1901. We were inside a “living room” and felt both earthquakes for some seconds. Tears rolled down my eyes thinking the horror people must have felt at that kind of disasters.

I got a pass to the planetarium and, in the mean time I went to shop a “celestial buddy” for my daughter. The planetarium show was -again- about earthquakes and again, I could not help crying a little bit; it was a magnificent presentation!

After more than 4 hours I leaved CAS, took de 44 bus to Geary St. and then the 38 bus to Japan Town and -again- I had to stop myself from buying all the cute things I saw there. I bought a couple of vocaloid things for my daughter and a Totoro keychain for my hisband. Again took the 38 bus towards the hotel and I almost got lost again, but the map helped me.

I arrived at the hotel almost 3:30 pm local time. I rested and checked my email (cont.)



(…) Right now it’s 6:30 pm and I am at Union Square Plaza, enjoying the sunset and all the people relaxing, talking and sipping coffee (the guy in front of me took his shoes off although he has a business suit and a glass of wine, he surely looks relaxed). It’s time to go back, grab something to eat and prepare to leave early tomorrow to Santa Clara!

Here are some of the pics I took in San Francisco. I hope you enjoy it!

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