SETIconII day 3 from San Francisco to Santa Clara – SETIconII día 3, de San Francisco hasta Santa Clara

Santa Clara, day 1

After spending two exciting days in San Francisco, it was time to head to Santa Clara, my first intercity travel using public transport system!


I woke up really early (6:00 am) and since I got everything ready the night before -I ate a “Jack in the Box” hamburger for dinner- I was all set and ready to go by 6:30; I checked out from the hotel and -following my friend Beth’s advice- I took the bart train to Millbrae (I had to take another train because the first I took stopped on Daily City). At Millbrae I boarded the Caltrain to Mountain View -Mi first time on a train!! And in Mountain View I got in the light rail to Old Ironsides and walked to my hotel -Hyatt Regency. Right now I am waiting for my room to get ready (it’s 9:30 am) I had a bagel with ham and cheese and coffee for breakfast, my luggage are kept at the front desk, and I am just waiting for my room so I can unpack and go to West Valley Fair mall, because there are things that I desperate need to buy before having dinner with Barbara tonight!


So I meet Barbara that afternoon, after spending some hours shopping and showering and relaxing a bit. It was so nice to see her and hug her after two years! She received me with a gift box and I gave her a wood box I painted, with lots of cats (my gift was a sculpture of a cat too) Barbara took me to dinner at a Japanese restaurant near to her house, I had tempura and teriyaki which was delicious; so we spend a couple of hours talking and dinning and…


afterwards we went to her house -she needed to feed her cats- and then we went for an ice cream! After a lovely evening I was back at the hotel at 9:300 and went to sleep at 10.

P.S. I forgot to tell you that Barbara gave me a bouquet of beautiful yellow roses!!


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