SETIconII day 4, heading to SETI Institute – SETIconII día 4, en camino al Instituto SETI

And here is my last day before the beginning of SETIconII, enjoy!


Santa Clara, Day 2

June 21 2012

I woke up early again because Barbara was going to pick me up at 7:45 to go to the SETI Institute, so I wore some of my brand new clothes and went down to the lobby at 7:40 and Barbara was already there! We arrived at the Institute at 7:55 am.

The new building is very nice although a little chill inside; Barbara gave me a tour around the offices and there was Jill Tarter, working earlier than most people! She was setting up some of the SETI Inst. software to show to a TV station that will be interviewing her later. After the tour I installed myself at the Sound Room (where the radio show “Big Picture Science” is recorded every week) to work and write a little bit (and also to check my email and post on my blog), a few moments later Barbara told me that…


…Seth had arrived, so we went downstairs to greet him -it was so nice to se him again! After saying hi to Seth I got my guest key to move freely at the building, then I wen back to Seth’s office to talk to him a little bit -he was really busy!! after that I went back to the sound room and worked for half an hour, then I went wandering all around the building ant the offices, taking pictures of almost everything I saw!!

Then something cool happened, Jill asked me to help her with an email in Spanish from a journalist from Argentina, and -for a moment, I got the illusion to be actually working for Jill!! So I helped her and Karen Randall, contacting this person and verifying his request.

After a couple of hours I got back to the hotel (Seth and Barbara gave me a ride to the light rail station) and after resting and thinking, I decided to go out again and do a little bit more shopping (the last shopping of this trip) I took my bus to West Valley and spend 1 and 1/2 hours there buying a really nice dress, among other things. When I got back to the hotel were 7:30 pm and I hadn’t had anything to eat, so I dressed up and went down to the hotel restaurant and ordered an “antipasti” of cheese, asparagus, duck breast, bread and…


…some delicious garnishes, I really enjoyed my dinner! Finally I went back to my room, took a bath and went to sleep because next day SETIcon II will began!!


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