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Hello again,

I want to share something more of my personal life with you -gracious people reading this random musings from an earthling- despite I have been enjoying sharing my thoughts with you, but these last months a lot of things had happened.

First of all, I am collaborating on a wonderful project helping translate education material into Spanish and also developing my own videos about astronomy (I will tell more about it in a future post), but also some inconvenient things had happened.

For your information, I have two mascots -two cats- that bring joy, tenderness and fun to our house. A couple of weeks ago I took the cats to the vet (an odontologist) and turns out that both kitties need dental surgery.
Ambas gatitas se sienten mejor... pero aun no se resuelven lo... on Twitpic
And that’s why I want to share this information to all of you, if you have pets (cats or dogs) and the main food you gave them is dry food, you NEED to brush their teeth every day, once a day.

My cats are going to have several teeth removed because I didn’t knew I had to brush them, and -although dry food has everything you cat’s body needs- it’s very easy for it to get stuck between their teeth and gums, resulting -after months of not cleaning- in bone damage (both tooth and maxillar bone).

One of my cats is going to have surgery next Monday, and I hope everything turns out well, but anyhow, it’s not funny either for the cat and the owner; so, show your pet some love and learn how to brush it’s teeth and have them checked regularly by your vet.

Here are some pics of the cleaning and diagnostic of both my cats.

Keep in touch!
Profilaxis gatuna on Twitpic
Profilaxis ahora en Burbuja... no muy buenas noticias en el  ... on Twitpic

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