SETIconII day 5 2nd part – SETIconII día 5 2a parte.


Here is the 2nd part of the 1st day at SETIconII, inauguration day!

I hope you enjoy it.


I spent almost half an hour talking with Carolyn and the I saw Robert Sawyer (I meet him last year at SETIcon, two years ago and I hadn’t read any of his novels until after I meet him… he is such a good writer!!).

I talked briefly to him and gave him something I brought for him (tip: he choose “mystery”). By 5:00 pm I went back to my room (shared the elevator briefly with Robert, Seth and Barbara) I freshened up a little bit and I am taking this moment waiting to the evening events to begin to write these lines here, right now I am going to wander around some more, “see you soon”…
At the VIP reception - SETIconII


I arrived to the VIP reception a little bit late (I didn’t knew where it was going to be) and there I say hi and meet Barbara, Seth, Gerry Harp -the new director of SETI research- and I talked to him for 15 minutes, also Frank Drake was there, David Morrison too, and meet Leslie Bisno (Institutional Advancement), Andrew Fraknoi and …
With Barbara Vance at VIP reception - SETIconII


Doug Vakoch, I had my pic taken by Seth and Barbara, and had a great time talking and mingling to people there. At 7pm we went to the ballroom for the first event in which Seth was the M.C. They presented us the updates on the Instituto and flash talks of all their scientists and researchers (it was a good thing to know them and learn what they do) I was seated with Elizabeth Johnson  (we’d meet just before the 1st event began).
With Seth Shostak at VIP reception - SETIconI
The event was so mind blowing! we learned and listened to all the research and new discoveries, after that we watched a trailer of a movie about the end of the space shuttle and last there was Mae Jemison, the first african-american female astronaut, who talked us about interstellar traveling!! She is so nice and so inspiring, she reminded me of Jose Hernandez. I was able to say hi to her after her presentation and she is such a delightful lady! After that (Beth and I) went to have dinner, there we talked about lots of things, and a little bit later we talked with Danielle Futselaar, Karen Randall and we found out we have several things in common; Beth read this journal and was kind enough to help me check my written English. By 11pm I was exhausted, I went (back to my room) to take a shower and to sleep!

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