On the last few hours of this year… – En las últimas horas de este año…


I want to take a few moments to share with you some of the highlights of this year in my life. I try to keep/write a journal/agenda/diary every day of the year, every year. I am not good at being a constant writer (as you can see on my posts, I don’t write very frequently) but in my journal I keep writing more or less, every day -although some times I spend weeks without using it.DSCN2320

This year I took some time to read this year’s journal and make a summary of the special things that had happened to me on 2012, and I would like to share them with you, month by month, although there are some things I kept doing all year long, like:

  • Keep translating and recording physics videos from Khan Academy
  • Translating into Spanish the show description of SETI Institute radio show “Big Picture Science”

On the other hand, I began some new and unexpected projects along the year, and had some wonderful experiences too, here is a summary -month by month- of them.

  • **************








  • Recording tutorial of SETILive in Spanish and posting it on my blog.
  • Invited to some work meetings about some projects to develop a project like Khan Academy but in Spanish.
  • Invited to work dubbing videos in Spanish for an educational organization (still under *embargo*).



  • Extension of the dubbing project.


  • Nothing relevant


  • Learned about the importance of cat dentistry and having one of my cats on surgery to extract several teeth.
  • I meet Patric Bartelow in person (he is the number one promoter of Moon Bounce project)
  • Participated (as public and impromptu comments-translator) of the 2012 hoax hangout of SETI Institute.


  • Keep dubbing educational videos.
  • New astronomy project prospect to begin on January 2013.
  •  ********************

I don’t know what new projects and challenges will come with the new year, but I am very happy to be alive and able to deal with them and keep being part of this amazing universe.


Happy New Year, every one!!

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2 Responses to On the last few hours of this year… – En las últimas horas de este año…

  1. Fer says:


    Disculpa que te contacte por este medio, pero no encontre otra forma de hacerlo.
    ¿Podría hacerte algunas consultas sobre tus videos de física que forman parte de Khan Academy en español?. Me gustaría hacer algo como lo que tu manejas en esos videos. ¿Me podrías indicar si por este medio te podría consultar al respecto, o me podrías indicar alguna dirección de e-mail en la que pueda hacerlo?
    Muchas gracias anticipadas por la atención que puedas tener al presente mensaje.

    • Hola,

      Te comparto este video que grabé hace tiempo, en donde muestro cómo es que hago las traducciones y grabaciones de los videos de física de Khan Academy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4-TjmUjWs8

      En cuanto a las dudas que tengas con respecto a estos videos, puedes consultarme lo que gustes, solo te recuerdo que yo hice solamente la traducción al español de los videos que hace Salman Khan (no soy experta en física, aunque tengo buenas bases por lo que aprendí en la carrera).

      Saludos y seguimos en contacto.

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