SETIconII journal day 6 1st part – SETIconII diario de viaje día 6 1a parte

Greetings and welcome to the first post of 2013!

Now I am continuing with my SETIconII travel journal and getting into the good part since I will be telling you about the talks I attended at SETIconII. I hope you enjoy it!

Here we go!

Santa Clara Day 4

June 23, 2012


Today I woke up at 6:00 am (the alarm clock at the hotel room went on by itself… I didn’t set it up) and I woke up wit a little bit of a headache, I took some pain killers, dressed up and went to have breakfast (pancakes with pears this time) and went to check the talks schedule…

PearPancakes at SETIconI

but I don’t know what happened to my wristwatch but it was late and so I arrived late to the first talk of the day.

The first talk I attended was “The next big science revolution” and their ideas (of the panelists) were about citizen science, dark energy, gravitational waves (I audio recorded the panelists comments at that, but half and hour later I went out to check the other talks, and by far this one was the more crowded!)

The other talks were about “When can I buy my ticket to the moon” and “Asteroids: junk piles or resources”…


After all the round of talks finished I went to the exhibits again (I went there before the talks and interviewed Jon Richards about SETILive project) but this time I participated on the silent auction for this crystal model of the Earth, Moon and Mars, for $35


Also watched a demo of how the transit method works to find exoplanets and -since no one was there- I took the opportunity to use the model to record a demo in Spanish for m y talks about transits, I don’t know how good the recording was but at leas I tried! [to be continue…]

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