SETIconII journal day 6 2nd part – SETIconII diario de viaje día 6 2a parte


After several months of no writing, today I finally get back with my narrative of the SETIconII journal, now with the 2nd part of the 6th day of travel. Enjoy!

*Robert J. Sawyer signature and some kind words for yours truly: For Lourdes – a great friend! who helps get the word at! with all best wishes! R. J . Sawyer*

I stayed there the 1st half of the talk and then went off checking the other talks **at this moment I am having a little problem remembering exactly what happened, so I will write the details later, but here are the important things:  at some point I went to some of the fireside talks, one with Mary Roach but the other one was with Mae Jamison, at the end of her intervire, the public could ask questions – she talked about 2100 Year Star Ship”…


… that is about building an actual inter-stelar ship and all the things that are necesary to take a bunch of hominids to a nearby star.

It’s an enterprise that would take 100 years and the collaboration of the entire world to achieve! So my question was about if they have information of the prohect, in other languages… to make a long story short…

I volunteer to translate their website to Spanish!!

After that -at the end I had a picture taken with Mae and the Cat-o-naut!! When it ended I went to see the short movie “Do Not Erase”, produced by Kevin Grazier


And after that a short animation from Pixar and a brief talk about it.

It was 5 o’clock and I had to get ready for the gala banquet at 7pm; my head was feeling like having a slight headache so I stayed in bed (trying to sleep but only seeing strange fabric-like images inmy head) for 30 mins; after that I felt so much better!

So I put on my new make up, dress, shoes and shawl, tried (unsuccesfully) to curl my hair (it ended up with the ends in some weird directions but there was no time to fix it) So I went downstairs with my beautiful new dress and my weird hair to the gala!


When I arrived the live auction was ending and I had the opportunity to have my pic taken with Frank Drake, Alex Filippenko and Doug Vakoch; we went to our designated tables and had a delicious dinner (1st course was a salad, 2nd course was fish, breast chicken, vegetables and a delicious mashed-potatoe-like garnish, dessert was chocolate musse with a couple of berries – I don’tt remember the exact name of those right now, I’ll look for it later) Seth Shostak was the M.C. and he was delightful as always.

After diner the honoring of Jill Tarter began, my table was #7, very close to the front, so I could watch everything!

We had the pleasure not only to listen about Jill’s many achievements and anecdotes, but also to …

…listen and sing along with Sheldon Reynolds of ‘Earth Wind and Fire” he played “September” and “Shining Star” (too bad there was no room to dance at the moment) . Finally we saw Jill on stage, receiving the news that the SETI Institute’s “Inspiration Room” has been re-named as “Jill Tarter’s inspirational room”.


It was a lovely evening. We had special glasses with the frase “To 35 years of SETI Research” and Jill’s signature engraved.

The only “not-so-good” thing was that Tom Pierson was not there, he was recovering from a severe illness.


After the gala ended I was able to have my pic taken with Jill, and Sheldon, and took a pic of Jill and Mae together -the perfect complement to inspire women around the world and beyond! Jill gave me a very big hug and then I went back to my room, it was hard for me to go to sleep because what I had lived that day was so much better thatn many of my dreams that I didn’t want to close my eyes and let the day go.


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