The last page of my SETIconII journal- La última página de mi diario de viaje SETIconII

After many many months, finally I am posting the last day on my SETIcon II Journal… sorry for the tremendous delay and I hope you enjoy this post.

Santa Clara D5 1

Santa Clara, Day 5

As usual I woke up at 6:00 am, all by myself (the alarm clock didn’t work).

I finished the leftover pancakes and that was my breakfast, I dressed up and got ready to attend to the last day of SETIconII.

As usuall, I attended (and recorded that first half on audio) and the 2nd half I quickly attended the other talks.

I was able to ask Kevin Grazier to sign my kindle and also asked Robert Sawyer to take a pic with me (and Cat-o-naut, of course) also to sign and write something in my journal.



After that it was time to have brunch and watch Frank Drake interview (I seated next to Daniell Futselaar and had a very nice conversation with her -she signed my badge) After lunch began the last 3 talks of SETIcon and I stayed the whole time at each one of the previously selected talks…



Santa Clara D5 3

The 3 talks I choose were “Would Discovering ET destroy Earth’s religions?”, “ET Biology – How often does Hollywood get it right?” and “What’s the future of the Allen Telescope Array”.


I recorded part of some of these talks, and then… in a blink SETIconII was over! I had time to say good bye to some of the people I’d meet there and give a little gifts to Frank Drake, Doug Vakoch and Edna DeVore, and say good bye to Danielle, Beth, Carolyn and my. friends of the SETI Institute

Despite I am posting this after years of this event, the memories and experiences were wonderful!! All the extraordinary people I meet and all the awesome things I learned there made me forget about my every day problems and think about the vastness of space and time, knowing I a small part of it but I am really grateful to be part of it!!

Thanks for reading!!


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